Chapter Binders

Listed below is an outline with links to documents that should be included in your MMOTA State Binder. If you should have any questions about the contents, please email Thank you!

  1. Chapter Binder Table of Contents
  2. Chapter By-Laws (Individual to your chapter)
  3. MMOTA Procedure Manual
  4. MMOTA By-Laws
  5. Chapter Charter
  6. Chapter Compliance Renewal Certificate
  7. State Dues Record
  8. Recorded Minutes of Chapter Board & General Meetings
  9. Copies of the following state forms…
    1. Resume
    2. Mom’s Career Award
    3. Children’s Education Award
    4. Convention Bid Form
    5. Volunteer Form for hosting President’s Meeting
    6. Volunteer Form for hosting Hospitality for a General Meeting
    7. Volunteer Form for hosting State Installation Night
    8. Standard Meeting Agenda
    9. Standard Board Meeting Agenda
    10. Checklist for Chapter Name Change
    11. Rita Lewis Service Award Application



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